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  • Safe, Simple, Secure
    Our bunker designs will make sure that in a time of need,
    you and your family are kept safe.
  • No expense spared
    We ensure that when designing and building our bunkers for you,
    that we go above and beyond to ensure that
    you have a bunker that will last for generations.
  • Designs that suit you
    Our team will work with you to get to know
    what your bunker should be able to accomplish.
    Contact us to see how we can help you feel secure

About Claymore Union Limited


Claymore Union Limited offer our clients a wide range of architectural services throughout the world, including residential, commercial with our primary focus on bunkers and survival rooms.

Claymore Union Limited Ltd has been a household name for many, for many years, with our primary focus and passion in the building and architectural design of end of the world bunkers. Since our founding we have branched out massively and are currently offering our unique bunker designs and builds to people in 6 continents. Our approach to any of our projects has had its success built from our ability to provide personal and thoughtful design, while communicating with our clients to find out what they truly want.

Our projects

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Each of our team will work with you to create your unique bunker design, comprising of features that you and your specialist will implement based on your needs, and your family’s needs.


After designing the base for your unique bunker, we will work with you to finalize the design with any added accessories or features that you think of as the project continues.


Once the design has been created, and you are happy with the way the project looks, we will work with you to connect you with one of our many partners to install and deliver the final project to your home or workplace.

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